Orthopaedics and Traumatology

Total Joint Replacement

Orthopaedic Surgery
Hip dislocations
• Spine Surgery
*Low Back Pain (spinal disc herniation – cervical disc hernia)
Nerve Entrappments
*Carpal tunnel

The treatment of platelet rich plasma is the most important method used in regenerative medicine. The purposes of the treatment are decreasing of inflammation and regenerating worn or wounded cartilage tissues or to help them recover. Thrombocytes are cellular components of the blood and they are leading cells in hemostasis after woundings with hemorrhage. The healing period of the body initiates with the release of local effective growth hormones which are secreted from thrombocytes immediately. These hormones stimulates a series of complex and consecutive reactions. Debridement of death cells and remnants, regenerating new cells and signalling biologically at the right time for synthesis of adequate proteins for reconstruction of new healing tissue.
The cellular therapy technique used in regenerative medicine for stimulating healing process, and accelerating or reviving if pauses ocur. Cartilage wear down and deposited debrises were shown in articular space at joints affected with osteoarthritis. The living part of cartilage are used for repareation as a source of regeneration with cellular mechanisms. Patient selection and deciding right indication at the right phase of the disease are especially important.
Preperation of PRP is based on a laboratory process after drawing the blood from the patient. Fresh cells were separated form that blood for injecting into damaged area with its own plasma. Treatment at natural spaces like joints, liquid form is preferred; whereas, in muscle, where PRP can not be preserved in the target organ, stabilisation methods may be preferred as additional procedure.

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